Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Khlit Coin

First example of a Khlit Coin? Artist's conception of an old US Silver Dollar infused with quantum-tantric vibes.


At the local bank a few days ago I was cashing a royalty check from one of my physics books.

 [Warning: gratuitous blog ad!] The book was Quantum Reality, Beyond the New Physics which more than 30 years after publication is still one of the royal roads to understanding why no physicist can tell his kids a believable story about how the physical world effortlessly comes into being. [End of blog ad.]

 As the teller was counting out my bills, I mentioned that I had once come across a bill with a lipstick kiss on it and speculated that her bank must get a lot of bills disfigured in unusual ways. She reached into her cash drawer and pulled out a big wad of bills that were worn, torn and otherwise degraded but none that seemed at first glace to be imaginatively defaced. In particular, in the Boulder Creek branch of Liberty Bank distressed currency stash, no kisses did I see.

A contemporary smooch for old Ben Franklin (from Bitter Lemon)
A few nights later, I was still wondering about unorthodox ways of infusing ordinary objects with non-ordinary energies. Kissed currency and the the occasional perfumed letter aside, I don't believe mere paper has much of a potential as a "psychotronic medium"? As we shall see, metals are more marvelous than paper on the quantum level, and may be the most appropriate medium for recording "psychic impressions" on every scale imaginable. Indeed some sort of ordinary metal object, acted upon in a seemingly preposterous way, might be the first concrete manifestation of quantum tantra among human beings. (More advanced cultures, I presume, have been practicing these sorts of things for millennia.)

Metals have a long history as containers for extra-physical powers. Besides coinage, which possesses a conventional secular power, one thinks of jewelry, holy medals, amulets, lucky charms, magic swords, the Holy Grail, and various rings of power, from Wagner to Tolkien to the simple Western wedding ring. But that's ancient history. What can we do now with metals in the modern quantum era that's akin to kissing a hundred-dollar bill?

From the quantum-physical point of view metals are well-understood. (Part of that quantum understanding has been utilized to create the multi-billion dollar semi-conductor industry). A metal consists of a regular crystal lattice of say, silver ions, interpenetrated by a number of bound electrons plus a delocalized gas of free electrons called the Fermi Sea after Italian physicist Enrico Fermi. Unlike the bound electrons, the electrons in the Fermi Sea can move about which accounts for the fact that metals are good conductors of electricity. For reasons which I don't completely understand (I am not a solid -state physicist.), the temperature of the electrons at the top of Fermi's Sea is hotter than the surface of the Sun.

Because the silver crystal lattice possesses different properties in different directions, the surface of the Fermi Sea is not spherical. The shape of the Fermi Sea illustrates how easy it is to pull an electron out of a silver crystal using an electric field acting in various directions.

Map of the silver Fermi Sea: from Tuo Li & W.A. Schroeder)
 The most peculiar feature of this diagram is that in certain special directions (shown in green) the Fermi Sea for silver exhibits "nipples" through which electrons can be "milked" most easily.

Building on our intimate technical knowledge of the quantum state of metals, the quantum tantrika is looking for a way in which metal objects can be filled with "psychic energy" of a (most probably) erotic nature.

More particularly, we want to take certain US quarters and "charge them up" in such a way that almost anyone (even dull old Nick Herbert) can sense their intrinsic "vibes". Women and men who by nature or by practice are more sensitive to such things should be able to unerringly select the single "charged up" coin from a pile of ordinary pocket change.

This new psycho-erotically enhanced medium of exchange is expected to possess large intrinsic value among those prepared to appreciate such worth. I have christened this new quantum tantric currency the "Khlit Coin" (rhymes with "Bit Coin"), in honor of Khaliqium, the fundamental immaterial substance whose discovery is destined to completely transform our world, and which itself is named after one of Islam's Ninety-Nine Names of God.

Men who find themselves able to produce such coins out of ordinary US quarters could be called Khlit-coin Mint Masters. Women with this power: Khlit-coin Mint Mistresses. To the ordinary person these chosen few would seem to be creating value out of nothing (similar to the fractional reserve banking system for normal unenlightened currency) but that would be a big mistake. These Masters and Mistresses of the Khlit-coin Mint are encouraged by quantum mechanics and so begin their work not with ordinary nothing, but with the Deep Nothingness that lies at the world's very foundations. (See Physics for Beginners.)

Pay close attention, pal, the next time some beautiful being presses a quarter into your hand. It might be HOT!

Two once-ordinary US quarters fresh from a Khlit-coin Mint

Friday, May 18, 2018

Ode to HIV

HIV virus: a subtle and beautiful enemy

If you seek peace
Prepare for war.
        -- Vegetius

HIV by itself isn't fatal
It merely opens the gate
To opportunistic diseases
Put here like you to replicate.

Who want to swarm over your borders
Uncivilized, unkempt and unfed
Viral barbarians, bacterial Vikings
Make you crippled, wounded and dead.

HIV is a fervent pacifist
A world without war is the slogan it chants
By disarming your violent immunity system
Compelling your body to give peace a chance.

Friday, May 4, 2018


Megellanic Clouds above Laguna Lejia, Chile

(for Ezra Pound)

Saturday night in the Santa Cruz Mountains
Power knocked out by two days of storm
Lull in the rain, clouds clearing
Awakened by bright moonlight filling my bedroom
I walk barefoot out onto the debris-strewn deck
See winter stars: 

Orion, Pleiades, Cepheus, Cassiopeia
Sparkling through the scudding clouds
Raw moonlight illuminating the glistening forest
Like a Spielberg alien contact set
I watch lightning sparking, thunder grumbling
Inside mammoth clouds retreating to the East.

The Greek word for "beauty"
(Cognate to "cosmetic")

That's what our predecessors called this world
Cosmos was their word for Everything
Cosmos: one name for All Phenomena

Inside and out
One name for this uncanny experience
Spread open for all conscious beings
For you, for me, for the fish in the sea.
This one equation:

Cosmos equals Beauty.