Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Valentine's Day 2017

Tub once full of Ahlgren wine

Love to my lovers
To my friends and my haters.
Love to my teachers
Priests, warriors, lactators.

Love to the Beautiful Mystery
That keeps this comical opera hot.
Love to the music, the costumes, the art
Much love to you and your role in the plot.
If One Mind hides
Beneath all this
Then give Big Mind
A hearty kiss!
Heart-shaped stardust Valentine

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Blarney in Concert

Von Karman Vortex Street


When a fluid such as air or water flows past a small obstruction, the flow oscillates up and down at a particular frequency, each deflection forming a circular vortex in the fluid. This chain of alternating vortices is called a Von Karman vortex street after Theodore von Karman, the Hungarian-born physicist who first characterized this particularly beautiful and common natural phenomenon which takes place, for instance, when water waves move past an island or air moves across an airplane wing. The oscillation of air as it moves past a small obstruction also forms the basis of certain wind instruments such as the flute and the whistle.

Nick producing Van Karman streets using a black aluminum "Guinness" whistle
By attaching a resonant tube to the fluid obstruction and manipulating its length, the frequency of the von Karman street can be coaxed into the audible range and a certain sort of music produced which some find enjoyable. This music can be experienced solo but is considerably enhanced by the presence of other instruments producing sound by other physical means.

On Sunday, Feb 19,  the Santa Cruz Art League (located at 526 Broadway) is hosting a concert (5 to 7 PM) of Irish music by the band Blarney featuring two vortex street musicians, Kim Fulton-Bennett on the Irish wooden flute and Nick Herbert on the Irish penny whistle. Their von-Karman-based melodies will be augmented by Matt Johnson on banjo and gittern and August O'Connor on bodhran (Irish frame drum) and guitar. Wine and snacks served at intermission and an open gallery featuring various imaginative representations of the human body (The Figure Contemporary) will add to your enjoyment. Details available at the Santa Cruz Art League website. More about Blarney here.

Blarney on Broadway: Matt, August, Kim and Nick