Tuesday, August 11, 2009

99 Names of Goddess

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99 Names of Goddess

She is the Beginning and the End
She is Galaxy and Garden
She is the Sun and the Moon
She is Atom and the Void
She is Wisdom personified
She is Sophia

She is Annie, Allegra, Allison, Athena and Alex
She is Beverly, Betsy, Bobbie, Bella and Beth.

She is the Earth and the Sea
She is Fire and Ice
She is Energy and Time
She is Root and Bloom
She is Beauty embodied
She is Aphrodite

She is Carla, Carol, Cindy, Christine and Kate
She is Donna, Diana, Denby, Dorcas and Dannie

She is Pain and Pleasure
She is Bear, Butterfly, Octopus and Eel
She is Prairie Grass and Marijuana
She is Sound and Sight
She is Smell, Taste and Touch
She is Life on the Loose
She is Daphne

She is Marilyn, Margie, Marsha, Mary,
Marie, Magdalena
She is Laura, Louise, Liane, Lena, Lise and Lorraine

She is Darkness and Light
She is Consciousness and Slumber
She is Silver and Gold
She is Magnesium, Tungsten, Lithium, Lead
She is Carbon, Argon, Niobium and Starlight
She is the Space Between the Stars
She is the Angel of Death
She is Kali

She is Sheila. Sherry, Sharma, Stephanie,
Stella & Sarah
She is Salima, Shelly, Suzie, Lila, Ceci & Mollie
She is Andra, Patty, Elaine, Elizabeth, Karen, Philippa
She is Debbie, Isabel, Ida, Nancy. Janice, JoAnn

She in Unnameable, Unspeakable
She is Terror and Bliss
She is Nourishment and Intoxication
She is the Ocean and the Source
She is the Mother of Animals
She is the Juice in Things
She is Shakti

She is Illusion and Reality
White and Black
Male and Female
Birth and Death
She is the Wild Muse that inspires us
She is the Mystery that surrounds us
She is Everything and Nothingness
She is the Beginning and the End.


Nilanjan Chatterjee said...

By Gematria:


Es=Einsteinium =(Atomic No.99)
In Quantum-Tantra, it's Ecstasy

E(=5)+S(=19)= X(=24)


Nilanjan Chatterjee said...

Gematriac Equation expanded:


ES = X = 24

Einstein faces Christ on
a 24 hours regular basis!!