Monday, September 28, 2009

The Fermi Paradox


I flew to Arecibo
and told the folks at SETI:
they laughed.
I drove to Washington
and told the Air Force brass:
they showed me the door.
So I gave up on experts
and now I'm telling you:
The sole reason the aliens
haven't contacted us yet
is their universal taboo
against child molestation.

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muzuzuzus said...

Hey Nick

I am not knowing how to take this? I dont know what you mean? I looed at the tags and see 'humour'. Is it a joke?

I say this because reading this at your blog coincides with me and the whole UK being deeply traumatized by his peadophile case involving two (possible third woman though not enough evidence) and a man--who was a convicted child rapist.

It involves a woman who was working at a nursery and her and the two others communicated on Facebook swapping porno images of babies which the nursery woman had taken on her mobile when sexually assaulting the infants in her care

The other woman had fantasies of seeing children raped, and they had been talking about abuducing a child for these purposes.

What is really getting to people--including me--is that women were involved. I am not naive, and know women also can be child molesters, but this case brings it HOME. The three vile fukers are looking out at you from the front page of the paper

I just feel incredibly sensitive about this terrible happening! That people, especially women, can become SO depraved like this.