Monday, December 14, 2009

Hanukkah Song


She is the Zohar:
The material world
Perceived as Splendor.
She is Shekinah:
That womanly Secret
Inside things.
She is Eve Hawah,
Mother of Animals, Mother of Mankind,
First to taste the marvelous Milk of Knowledge:
Sweet, forbidden, mind-altering and addictive--
The world's first "controlled substance".
She is Jezebel, Lilith, Magdalena, Sophia.
She is Sarah, the wife of Abraham.

She is the Limitless Oil of Hanukkah.
She is the Light of Lights, die Aufklärung.
She is that bright Hydrogen fusion furnace
On whose warmth all life on Earth is nursed.
She is Dante's Love that moves the Sun and the Stars.

May Her Light illuminate your heart, mind and body.
May Her Light illumine your work and your play
That in your work and in your play
Others might experience Her Glory.

Buffoons praise Her too
Even more than the sober.

And would you raise your kids as weapons
To defend their Father-and-Mother Land?
Or, in the dangerous eyes of the stranger,
Would you learn to recognize Her Glance?
Or, in the dangerous eyes of the stranger,
Would you dare to return your Beloved's Gaze?

Doctor Jabir December 2009

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