Saturday, January 9, 2010

Kittehz In Ur Spacetime


mergatroidals said...
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mergatroidals said...

The brain of the feline is constructed in a 
way that makes it a fascinating object to 
observe. A kitten's brain, especially … .

That picture has the right ingredients to 
have me conjure, again, what and 
where is that system of volition …? the 
capacity for volition …? the 
Volition For The I found 
and recognized to exist directly in the 
back of one's eyes?

Forget large computer neural networks. 
No collection of transistors are or will 
ever be designed to create or establish 
a capacity for volition within the system 
it's contained. The biological system of 
neurons creates an «electrical system», 
a separate entity (of mind) which gives 
rise to that unique, unitary aspect of 
consciousness. How would the good 
physicist suggest one go about investigating 
for this as yet undiscovered «system»?


nick herbert said...

Concerning the mystery of volition and other problems of consciousness, one could do a lot worse then to peruse an old copy of my "Elemental Mind". Short answer: nobody knows.

Kevin said...

Those ears are causing a gravity well in the matrix of spacetime, producing perturbations in the calculus of Newtonian physics. This is probably because as I've been told cats have a gland that constantly releases into their systems a substance which makes them perpetually stoned - you can see it in its eyes - so they're entheogenic animals that upset the premises of the Cartesian world view and the apple cart as well. And he thought they were just nature's robots.