Friday, September 3, 2010

Opening Night


I'd yearned to be the first
To part Her Hidden Doors
The first to glimpse that Part of Her
No man had glimpsed before.

And this was the night that it happened:
Miss Universe joyfully opened to view
The right place, the right timing, 
                    the right drugs and foreplay
The right physics, right chemistry, 
                              the right Me and You.

It's bigger than both of us--you and I cried
As our bodies and souls got connected
Sure, quantum entanglement provided a clue
But not in the ways we'd expected.

The Cosmological Sweetness
Came out to greet us
From the opposite side of the scenery
She opened our hearts
Kissed our dear private parts
As She gathered us into Her Greenery.

Come inside--She telepathically whispered
I'm fully open at last!
You could have enjoyed Me ages ago
If you'd only just known how to ask.

I was a Hidden Treasure
And I yearned to be uncovered.
I craved to be seen, known, played with
To be worshiped like a Lover.

You've finally learned to ask the right question
In your touchingly awkward and blundering way
Come take your fill of My long-hidden pleasures
I so love to give them, to give them away.

We were taken in as a twosome
And Lover Nature made us three
But what we found inside Her Nest
Was monogamous polygamy.

Where spread-out wave and tiny particle
Were jokes for the physicist
Where "here" and "there" and "you" and "me"
Playfully non-exist.

Where beings all over the galaxy
Meet in sensuous rendezvous
Where the Ultimate Meaning of Everything
Seemed as easy as two plus two.

Where we joined with billions of entities
In profound and luxurious play
Where we deep surrendered to Cosmos
And yet gave nothing away.
What a night!
What a night!
What a night!

Now back with you on terra firma
Waltzing with the next disaster
Our minds obsessed with but one thought:
What was that question that we asked Her?


Nilanjan Chatterjee said...

She Telepathically whispered:

Meeting Lingam and Yoni, the primordial duo, leads to oneness;
which is Supermind !

LINGAM(= 56)+ YONI(=63)=

It happens !

Nilanjan Chatterjee said...

It is by Divine Grace,one becomes
ONE = 34
GRACE = 34
The ONE shall see the WHOLE.

To live the WHOLE is the

Nilanjan Chatterjee said...

HAPPY BIRTH DAY = 66+57+30 = 153
Gematria of the Name of a celebrated Physicist is also 153 !
Find - Who he is ?