Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jabir's Proof


That out of a blind, senseless universe
Did arise
Billions of eyes
Like yours and mine--
Could it be any plainer than that?

That a thousand human tongues
And billions of non-human languages
Did emerge
From a universe utterly devoid of meaning--
What could be more convincing?

That out of a heartless, dog-eat-dog universe
Arrived so many men and women 

Who have loved and befriended me--
What evidence could be more persuasive?

We hold these truths to be self-evident--
This solid, non-symbolic experience of the senses
Your lovely Presence here beside me,
Our home, our womb: this beckoning cosmos
Extending Herself in all directions.

Meanwhile Jeffers from Tor House in Carmel
Reports "a high superfluousness of beauty."

Jesus Christ!
This stuff is finally beginning to kick in.
First come the colors, the feelings of dissolution,
The metaphysical complexities...
Then come the voices--

"Hello Nick.
We're so glad to see you.
We've been waiting 10 billion years
For someone
Who could fuck our atomic orbitals.
We are looking for someone
Who knows how to play."


Anonymous said...

I just viewed http://forum-network.org/lecture/how-hippies-saved-physics and it helps put this site in context, hippy-new-age-human-potential-californicate-est-werner whatever-fortune telling conartists for the last million years-fraud-fraud-fraud.

nick herbert said...

This site asks questions
Promises nothing
A lamp to the seeker
A mirror to the unbeliever.
May Allah bless your quest.

kcb000 said...

Is How the Hippies Saved Physics available anywhere?
It's been a year since I pre-ordered it on Amazon.
Have you possibly read What the Dormouse Said.
It covers the same period/area in the computer domain.

nick herbert said...

Pub date for HHSP is June 2011. Partly inspired by WTDS and title inspired (tongue in cheek) by How the Irish Saved Civilization.