Monday, May 9, 2011

Tantric Jihad! the text

Dream of the Believer by Achille Zo

(video version posted here)

The pious Muslim bathes himself
Prostrates five times from dusk to dawn
Submits himself to Hidden Mystery
That can be neither named nor drawn.

At home Omar recites 

the verse of Rumi and Hafeez
And when Fate cuts short the little life he leads
He'll rule a harem full of virgins--

at least ten times seven
Or so the editors of Time 
would have us all believe.

To me a few score virgins seems so paltry
We're talking about heaven after all
Where absolutely nothing is impossible
And anything you wish--it will befall.

So here's a tantric Challenge of Two Cultures
Here's one place 

where West and East come home.
Can you invent a sexier heaven then the Muslim?
Can you design a more voluptuous pleasure dome?

O Western he-man, show us your hottest fantasy
What turns you on so much you've got to scream
And sophisticated Western woman also
Step forth, show off your deepest sexual dream.

And Eli Lilly, Sandoz, Merck and Pfizer 
Please motivate your captive PhDs
To invent new sex drugs so hot and pleasurable
They'll even bring Dick Cheney to his knees.

Challenge our Western artists, 

cooks and courtesans,
Physicists, tailors, engineers and dharma bums:
Dream us a heaven, we can build it.
If we can build it, they will come.

Rise up. creative friends, WAGE TANTRIC JIHAD
Unleash your deepest dreams of heart's delight
We'll show 

those benighted Grandsons of the Prophet
What a truly joyful Western paradise is like.

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