Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Quantum Tantra Stripped Bare

Nick Herbert aka Doctor Jabir 'abd al-Khaliq
At the invitation of Len Anderson, though the auspices of Poetry Santa Cruz, Nick Herbert appeared as Featured Poet at Poet/Speak, a monthly open reading at the downtown Santa Cruz Library. This reading happened to coincide with a Greek Street Festival sponsored by Prophet Elias Greek Orthodox Church across the street which added a wonderful ethnic gaiety to our readings, as poets in the upstairs library room vied to outshout the clarinets, bouzoukis and Zorba impersonators downstairs in the library parking lot.

For this reading, Nick takes on the persona of Doctor Jabir, who prophesizes in tongues the Quantum Tantric Revelation: that someday soon quantum theory will give humans a more intimate way of connecting with Nature that will supercede our present-day science and religions.

His Epistle to the Greeks is the high-water mark of Jabir's prophetic career. In this performance, Jabir enters a poetic trance and strips quantum tantra bare! Fortunately this landmark Epistle to the Greeks did not evaporate into thin air, but happened to be captured on video by Alan and Sun Lundell from Cougar Rock Ridge in Boulder Creek.

Jabir's Epistle to the Greeks represents the purest revelation to date of the Inner Truth of Quantum Tantra. Al and Sun just happened to be in the right place, at the right time, to record the quantum tantric equivalent of the Sermon on the Mount.


William Brandon Shanley said...

Ah, Herr Doktor Jabir, you've done it again! Thanks for teaching us about the universe's elusive tantric ways in these inimitable, joyous, and delicious moments of cosmic pornography!! Keep going... Love, William

Dr. Will said...

Simply marvelous. But I was expecting to see the good doctor in his birthday suit. False advertising, I say!

Anonymous said...


Right time, right place, right action... on camera!

- Alice

Apollion888 said...

I simply had no idea you were a poet, your work is a pleasant surprise!

Regarding connecting to the quantum, although I have never taken DMT, I was surprised when Terence McKenna listed the possible sources of the machine elves and didn't include quarks.

What if the chrysanthemum you pass through is the quantum barrier and the elves are fundamental particles? That explanation makes as much sense as any.