Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Color Lines

Fractal-prism Bubbles by Tammy Wetzel

If you can choose your gender 
Why can't I choose my race?
When asked about ethnicity
I''m everywhere in color space.
I'm just as red as any Russian
And sometimes, Miles, I'm kinda blue
My grandsire killed in Ohio coal mine
I'm just as anthracite as you.
My ancestor's the famous Green Man
Striding through some Irish bog
My uncle's the Jolly Green Giant
I'm cousin to Kermit the Frog.
No color is to me unbeautiful
I'm your rainbow troubadour
Call me Homo spectral  
Hear me roar!


Michael Grosso said...

Thank you, rainbow troubadour! Away with all shallow distinctions and phony divisions.
I agree that if our eyes our open, all colors are beautiful.

Jennifer Nielsen said...

I think the claim of most trans individuals is that their gender is imprinted rather than chosen (much like orientation) and that gender and sex simply don't always match. So there's this neural component of gender that may not exist for race. Race may be sort of an illusion however (even if racial issues are real!)