Friday, November 7, 2008

Interface: the Final Frontier


Interface, the final frontier
These are the voyages through infinite lifetimes
of the interpenetrating crew
of the Selfship Enterprise X.

Inter pry sex instrumentation
boasts the latest devices for detecting
defining, splicing, separating and redefining
strange new life forms and sensations.

The Selfship is spaceworthy in All
Bard Oceans, dream and material space
with Logosdrive and crew of Integral One
or Polar Two, a Trinity or Prismatic Many.

Passing through the membrane of dream
the crew of selves and genes merges
in an orgy of alchemical plasma
where one is zero without a seam.

The atomic starscape unzips in mind
Elsewhere phenomenal arrays unfold
In one episode the Imagineering Team
must whip out a medium to fuck the wind.

To ride a solar flare like a golddigger
on her sugar daddy. To penetrate another
Universe by fluidizing her thought scape
with the Pneumenoplastic Spoogifier.

To wage war on a demonic black hole
that sucks up all feeling and trickily
makes a feedback quasar of orgiastic
pacifying knowledge in any attacker.

To learn of a world through inhabiting
and living in full every life of every species
that has ever inhabited that world only
as a training exercise in diplomacy.

To go where gnome and dragon and more
where life as light, then algae, flower and fish
where God and Devil as friend and lover
in simulation and blueprint have gone before.

Words by Abu Abulafia.
Picture by Reno DeCaro: Nick and Abu 
at Allan Lundell's birthday party 2008.

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Kelly said...

I couldn't have said it better myself. At first I thought, hey, Nick's starting to write like me. Then I looked at the bottom, at the "Nick Name," and at first in dyslexia, thought, "This is a Rumi poem? Wow, maybe aliens did visit in the olden days." Then I slowly recognized my sobriquet from a former life. So much for the continuity of self, even within a single lifetime.