Saturday, March 6, 2010

Last Chance to VOTE FOR NICK

Tomorrow (March 7, 2010) the voting will be closed for the
3 Quarks Daily Art & Literature Prize in which I have nominated
my wonderful erotic poem The New Sex Robot.

Vote for NICK.

Thanks to your enthusiastic support
Nick Herbert's "Quantum Tantra: The New Sex Robot"
has now been elevated into the ranks of Top Ten.

But the votes are still close.

Here is a situation (unlike the American presidential race)
where a few of your votes can make a powerful difference.

If you have already VOTED FOR NICK, I thank you much.
If you have not VOTED FOR NICK, shame on you.

click on this LINK.

Tell all your friends to VOTE FOR NICK.

Unlike some craven political figures I will not do anything to win.
But I will BEND OVER BACKWARDS for your vote.

Thanks in advance.

Nick Herbert


Beau Blue said...

Well, I've voted for you. Quid demands a link, I think, in your blog list. To cruzioblue's youtube channel - - and/or to Blue's Cruzio Cafe - ... one pro quo to another, bro'. Think of 'em as votes for me. Please.


Anonymous said...

good luck i late