Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Santa Cruz St Paddy's Day 2010

Patrick Reilly, Santa Cruz patent attorney and founder of the Intellectual Property Society ("Protecting the Fire of Creativity"), annually hosts one of the finest Saint Paddy's Day parties on Monterey Bay--loads of corn beef sandwiches, cold Guinness, great company and good cheer. Plus an Irish session band with a quantum physicist playing the penny whistle. In this video clip by Allan Lundell, the band performs "The Butterfly", a popular slip jig attributed to eccentric Dublin composer and fiddle player Tommy Potts.

After closing out the pubs
Pat and Mike are staggering home
across a moonlit cemetery.
"Paddy," says Mike, reading from a stone,
"Here lies a man who lived to be 115."
"Now that's a auld one, Mike. What was his name?"
"His name was Miles, me boy."
"Miles from Dublin."


Anonymous said...

Brings a smile to this lassie's face!

Dr. Will said...

Did you chase all the snakes out of Santa Cruz?

Jungle Girl said...

Here's an Irish Folk song I learned in 2nd Grade:

Oh! McTavish is dead and his brother don't know it;
His brother is dead, but McTavish don't know it!
They're both of them dead and in the same bed,
but neither one knows that the other is dead!