Thursday, October 8, 2009

Nick's Theorem: A Fundamental Limitation on Local Psychic Powers

Tuesday I awoke with an intellectual orgasm that lasted all day.

This was nothing new--the exhilarating certainty that I had discovered some brand new way of looking at things in math or physics--but usually by the time I poured my second cup of coffee I could refute the half-formed message from the world of dreams.

But today was different. Despite my best efforts this new insight refused to be dispersed.

So I wrote it all down in the form of an article entitled: Nick's Theorem: A Fundamental Limitation on Local Psychic Powers and mailed it to my friends for comments.

Proving a mathematical theorem is a bit like telling a joke: first you prepare the ground, follow with the buildup, then finally you finish with the punchline. I won't spoil the joke by giving away the punchline and anyway the paper is still being reviewed by my peers--it may yet turn out to be a pipe dream. The abstract reads: "Using Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle and Einstein's light-speed restriction, I derive a simple and unanticipated limitation on local psychic powers. I believe this proof represents one of the few instances where math and physics have been applied to quantify the powers of the human mind."


ruZL said...

hi Nic.

i'm pleased to have discovered that you are in the blogsphere & look forward to reading what you publish here, in between your pennywhistle playing. i'm also curious to explore Nic's Theorum - I was only reading your explanation of Bell's Theorum in Quantum Reality this very morning.

may your coffee taste fantastic & wishing you blessings & surprises.

till soon,


Anonymous said...

Oh No!
Not another flowing bearded ego whose personal exposition of personal enlightenment he foists on to the 'ignorant' who he assumes to be bereft of his supreme knowings.

Anonymous said...

enough said

nick herbert said...

The point of Nick's Theorem is NOT that Nick is so smart (He isn't) but that the apparently innocent conjecture that psychics can guess the outcome of quantum-uncertain local processes better than they can guess the outcome of classically-uncertain local processes is not so innocent. The gist of Nick's theorem is that were this conjecture true, then FTL signaling (and effective time travel) would become possible. Local psychic abilities would lead to spectacular non-local powers--a conclusion which is not immediately obvious.

Anonymous said...

The language of archetype might be close to that of dream, parapsychology or Quantum Reality. This flimsical statement, however is based upon the same absolute nothing from which everything comes. Ex nihilo nihil fit or some such Latin.
I've been promised surgery to affix my head upon a freshly cloned body. Will I be the old head, or the cloned body?:I'm confuzzled

rich tennant said...

Hello Nic,I read and re-read the fundamental limitations article. I wish to pose a question about the limitations of so called high function neurological beings. Rupert Sheldrake has been conducting studies involving lower functioning animals i.e. dogs and the associated psychic phenomena with dogs "knowing" certain things about their owners thoughts. Sheldrake flew to New York to consider the activities of a parrot who seemed to have clarvoyant predisposition. My question then would be whether Bob or Alice in your thesis might be replaced with "Rover"and "Sparky". That psychic ability might be a neurologically anterior function can be postulated. Consider Buddha and "desire" which is the root of misery. If probability is an outcome which can be fiddled with by Intent- Higher function causes more probability with chaotic human desires and perhaps more interference with outcome probabilities. I suggest you replace Bob and Alice with more reliable creatures. Peace.

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