Friday, June 26, 2009

Happy Birthday, Quantum Tantra Blog!

Father's Day Near Moran Beach
photo by August O'Connor

Today is the first anniversary of this Quantum Tantra blog. Over the last year exactly 100 posts were published (including this one). I'd like to thank Google for providing me this simple blogging app which despite a few frustrating clumsinesses permits the crudest klutz a rather sophisticated presence on the Internet.

Quantum Tantra blog was not begun by Nick Herbert but by an earlier entity calling itself Mudhead who devoted the blog to inquiries into the nature of God, that is, God as defined by Fug-founder Tuli Kupferberg: "God is a spreadshot." From time to time I dipped into Mudhead's graphic simulations of Her Divine Nature until about a year and a half ago when Mudhead unaccountably abandoned the site and it became free for the taking. So I took it. My first posts were about being interviewed for a video about psychedelics at Bruce Damer's ranchero in Boulder Creek and a short poem called Physics for Beginners.

Since that fateful day the blog has featured profiles of notable friends including poets Dale Pendell, Betsy Herbert and Kathleen Flowers, famous authors Rudy Rucker, Robert Anton Wilson, Roald Dahl and David Jay Brown, fringe scientists such as James Culbertson and the musical priest himself, Ryan Duns, S. J., master of the Irish whistle, and many others.

Two cool videos Just Like at Nuremberg and Tantric Jihad. And of course a cute LOL rendition of my black cat Onyx.

The aim of quantum tantra is to utilize the insights gained by modern physics to open up new doorways into nature, seeking direct union with the world unmediated by machinery including the machinery of the senses. Not much of that dream has been realized so far. But, hey, this is only Quantum Tantra blog's First Birthday. This baby's barely learning to talk.

Many of my private musings about physics have appeared for the first time in this public space including (Hooray!) Nick's discovery of a brand new law of nature: A Pair of Quanta Cannot Be Wed plus a popular exposition of the quantum measurement problem called Stephen Hawking Joke. Cherchez la physique. Learn about eigenfunctions, unmeasurements and Nick's three favorite quantum physics text books. And more.

This blog has attracted the attention of other congenial bloggers including Bruce Bratton, the Herb Caen of Santa Cruz; Willy Yaryan, eloquent eyewitness to life in Thailand; sci-fi novelist and Flurbmeister Rudy Rucker; Iona Miller, the Spy in the Pyramid; prolific sci-fi author and proponent of new peace plan (The Great Equalizer), James P. Hogan; Island Group founder Bruce Eisner; a cool dude called Heretic X and the supremely weird and mysterious JOG Entity who is continuing the work of late maverick economist J. Orlin Grabbe.

Many thanks to everyone who has encouraged me in this effort and thanks to all the new friends this blog has introduced me to. I value greatly your companionship on this journey.

Happy Birthday, little blog. May you live long and prosper.


tantra flower said...

Congratulations and a very happy birthday to your blog. I happened upon your place in the blogosphere just recently and haven't had the opportunity to read much yet, but have very much enjoyed what I have read so far. I am looking forward to future visits.

Peace to you. Namaste

Gab said...

Nick, you're an amazing writer, so thank YOU for taking the time to share with us and the world... maybe even the universe, for all you know! xo

Ginny said...

Happy Birthday, Quantum Tantra Blog! Me, Ginny

iona miller said...

The soul abides deep in the heart of the flesh,
Where Body and Spirit long to mingle and mesh.
It forms one willing captive amid the silken pillows,
Twists and writhes as undulating waves and billows.
Talent is a monster fed only by Arts,
Embodied as form, its Splendor imparts.
That narcotic need makes our decisions
Glorious, without final cut or revisions.
In a changing world we have music, art and love
To meld or ground dark and light from above.
Hot desire burns omniscient within the senses,
Weaving a spell of impassioned perfect tenses.
That divine response reflected back from our desire
Is the sole motivation for us to continue to aspire.
It is a resigned, passive act merely to believe;
Only the active stroke of Will can ease or relieve.
Finding us bored stiff, I'll see that and raise you One.
A cone of power the likes of which was never done.
Nothing matters to Lovers but sex, death, and religion
All of which reside far beyond gates of human division.
God entreats Goddess, becoming evermore emphatic;
Both now One, growing steadily more empathic.
Power and Light unleashed more awesome than frightning,
A spiralling energy we now know as Ball-Lightning.

Eleusis D said...

Well, yes! And I'm wondering what a blogyear is in fleshtime? A week? Ten days? They do seem to age slowly and ripen quickly.

Anyway I have *loved* your pomes and prosier moments. Keep 'em coming!

Your fellow blogini - Leu D

Anonymous said...

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